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Take control of your imbalance costs

The electricity network is becoming increasingly volatile. This leads to higher costs and unwelcome surprises. Encast helps organizations with an SDE scheme to navigate through the energy transition using their measurement data.

For Whom Is This Interesting

Actually, the forecast of self-production and consumption should be visible for every connection, both for large businesses and consumers.

Encast offers forecasting and control as a separate service to large corporate customers with their own generation capacity. With Encast’s tools at their disposal, clean energy producers can make better financial decisions.

Producers (individual + portfolio)

Independent producers often lack visibility, leaving them entirely dependent on their suppliers. However, these suppliers have their own interests. As an independent player, Encast provides you with forecasts, insights, and opportunities for control (production and consumption) to alleviate your concerns.

Large-scale Prosumers

Electricity consumption was long considered a commodity, something that is always available at low costs. The current volatile electricity prices show that large-scale customers need to better align their consumption and production. As a result, there are more and more parties generating their own electricity with solar panels or wind turbines to reduce their (partial) dependence. With locally generated electricity, you do not pay energy taxes, transport costs, and margins to the energy supplier. Encast provides peace of mind, allowing large-scale prosumers to focus on their core business and provide locally generated green electricity.

Energy Suppliers

For large-scale buying and selling of energy, it is necessary to collect meter data from main meters and gross production meters and apply forecasting to them. By combining all the individual forecasts, a portfolio forecast is created, which can be used to purchase electricity on various energy markets. The supplier that manages this process best can compete most effectively in the market.

Encast has automated this entire process.

Zero Energy Projects

In renovation and new construction, it is increasingly becoming a requirement to build energy-neutral structures. More and more often, construction companies are responsible for taking charge of the energy supply as an incentive to ensure that the buildings are genuinely energy-neutral.

Obtaining new connections to the power grid is also becoming increasingly challenging due to capacity issues. The power grid is saturated. While efforts are being made to expand the network, it will take several more years. This puts a brake on new construction and projects. Therefore, there is a need to work with local energy generation, charging stations, batteries, and other smart solutions.

Encast assists in these cases by providing insight into the production and consumption of electricity, including for the days ahead. Based on this information, it becomes clear how energy-neutral projects are and where opportunities for improvement exist.