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Insight and revenue optimization for solar- and wind projects per asset and portfolio.

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SDE Insight

Complete insight in 15 years of SDE-banking

- 15 MWh

Financiele control

Insight in your solar/wind revenue and base for smart management

€ 250 / MWh


Reduce and manage your imbalance expenses for production and consumption, day ahead & intraday

€ 19 / MWh

Green Meter

Simultaneously cover your use with green electricity and GVO’s

103% coverage
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About us

The energy transition is the greatest challenge of our time and has major consequences. We have to adapt and we will have to use energy smart and efficient by interpreting and using complex data from multiple sources in real time.

Not only for energy generation, but also in the use and storage of energy. Clean energy is not a commodity, but a key component in everything we do, and we should use it when available. By using the latest technologies, we can obtain this goal by Optimizing our energy Revenue.
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Encast makes it simple to manage and control your electricity production and consumption. Encast forecasts both the generation and consumption of electricity (per meter/site/portfolio, both day ahead and intraday), gives insight into financial performances and uses data from various sources as a base for increasingly smarter controls for operational management and investments. You can use Encast as an add-on to your existing energy supplier. The independent insight Encast creates is indispensable for companies that work with renewable energy, companies ready for the future!

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