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Insight and revenue optimization for solar- and wind projects per asset and portfolio.

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Interesting for whom?

Producers (separate and portfolio)

Independent producers often lack an overview and are therefore entirely under the control of their suppliers. Those, however, have their own interests. Encast tooling minimises stress as an independent party with clear overviews and options for optimization.

Real estate parties, producers with own consumptions, marketplaces & suppliers

Energy consumption has often been considered a commodity or an afterthought. Those high electricity prices could potentially cripple, or has crippled, entire industries. Moreover, the increasing necessity to stop using fossil fuels and produce more green power are changing the status quo. Encast tooling provides approachable insights in the revenues and possible optimizations. The insights make being green less complex, ensuring that parties can focus on their core business.

Zero the gauge projects

When renovating and new construction, there is an increasing obligation to build energy neutral. Construction companies are often responsible to consider the energy provision as incentive during construction and ensure that is truly being done energy neutral. It is also getting more difficult to obtain new connections on the power grid because of capacity problems. The power grid is at capacity, and although they are working hard in expanding the grid, this will take years. This inhibits new constructions and projects and there should be more focus on the local generation, batteries and other smart solutions.

Encast tooling helps in these cases by making the income streams more insightful and also by helping with the forecasting of both the production and the consumption. Based on these, it becomes more apparent how energy neutral projects are. Consequently, it also becomes more clear where other possibilities for further optimizations lie.

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