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Financiele control

Despite the high prices, electricity is still seen as a commodity by many companies and organisations. It is always there for a reasonably low and fixed price per month. The war in Ukraine, however, has really been an eye-opener. Many companies cannot produce cost-effectiveness any more because they have not covered this company risk properly. That does not even include the cost price for necessary investments to become climate neutral.

The use of self-generated electricity provides security, something that cannot be taken for granted with the overtaxed power grid. It is also very cheap because you do not pay any energy tax, ODE*, transport expenses or any margin to your supplier for your own yield. Therefore, it is essential to have proper and detailed insights, so you can control your electricity consumption and yield.

The revenue of your own yield depends on several involved parties and factors over a period of 15 years or more. Because of this, the complete oversight is missing which makes it difficult to optimise your revenue, or to invest in something like charging poles or a battery.

The revenue depends on:

Encast has compiled all of this information in one organised portal that is updated automatically every 15 minutes based on the available data. Encast creates insights based on this data for all SDE solar and wind projects, with the following information: 1) The SDE revenue; 2) The revenue and income we expect you to make 3) the definitive, retroactive SDE settlement

Extra options that this overview offers:

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